About Houda Mzioudet

I am  passionate about reading, investigative journalism, martial arts, music, social networking, politics, cooking, traveling,  fashion and traveling.

I started working as a journalist shortly after the Tunisian Revolution in August 2011 with Tunisia Live, first English language news website about Tunisia. I have been its Libya correspondent from August 2011 until November 2012 and worked as a fixer for foreign journalists in Tunisia and Libya, including the BBC and Canadian CBC. Before the revolution, I worked as a university professor in the University of Tunis from 2006 to 2010. From 2007 to 2008, I took part in the US State Department’s Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Program and taught Arabic in the US state of Virginia’s Christopher Newport University. I also taught French in Scottish schools in the city of Glasgow from 2005 to 2006 and US Studies to Tunisian high school students as part of the US State Department Access Program. I contributed to the Tripoli Post newspaper and I am currently the Tunis correspondent for the Libya Herald. In January 2013, I reclocated to Libya, where I worked in a market research company, Know Libya, reported for Libya Herald and its business magazine, Business Eye, occasionally reported for the French service of the BBC, contributed culture articles for Al Jazeera English and wrote research papers for Brookings Doha Center and Sadeq Institute think tanks.  Following the deterioration of the situation in Tripoli, I returned to Tunisia, where I continued to report for the Libya Herald, while doing research for different research centers and think tanks on Libya and Tunisia, including Brookings Doha Center, United States Institute of Peace and Oxfam.

I am  constantly looking for opportunties in research, investigation and global development. I am  particularly interested in post-conflict societies with a focus on the African continent. My area of interest now is Libya where I have undertaken research on the rebirth of the country after the fall of the regime of Gaddafi and the regeneration of Libyan society and culture.

I have co-authored book (paperback) titled “Libya’s Displacement Crisis: Uprooted by Revolution and Civil War” on the crisis of displaced Libyans with Megan Bradley and Ibrahim Fraihat, published by the Georgetown University Press (Washington DC: January 9, 2016).

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  1. Dan Brumberg

    Professor Dan Brumberg Georgetown university working with Tunisian scholars would like to be in touch!

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